Increase the Power of Your 
What Can C2 Do For You

    Build Media Relations

C2 Communications specializes in helping small businesses, nonprofits and associations gain better exposure without lengthy contracts and big price tags.  By fostering good media relations with local outlets C2 can secure press coverage in print, social media,  radio, internet and broadcast media outlets, thus providing free coverage with a value added component.

           Hone and Deliver your Message

With strategic message development to cultivate your core message. 
  Implement identity-building and awareness campaigns using superior graphic support, video and photography. 

          Editorial and Social Media Support

Direct and implement social media
Produce Annual Reports
Ghost writing
Speech writing
Copy writing
Powerful OP-ED's
Editing newsletters,brochures and reports


Script consulting 
Unit publicity
Consult on set dressing for courtroom, courthouse and classroom sets

          Community Outreach

Design education initiatives and programs

         Focus Groups 

For private schools to boost and retain enrollment
To test products and market reception
Legal issues and jury selection

         Event & Product Support

Assist with new company launches and retools
Design and implement new product roll outs
Design and build your company website or social media outreach
Increase your visibility on the web, with a good website and accompanying social media opportunities

        Government Relations

Build federal relations, state relations and community relations
Legislative Tracking
Issues Advocacy